Google Friendly Virtual Tour Software

If google does not see it ... It doesn’t exist

It is sad, but it's somehow true in our world. Some even call Earth ‘planet google’. And google is not THE ONLY ONE search engine (but the dominant one). This, only shows the importance of being "search engine optimized" for each website in today’s web.

Currently, almost all the other virtual tours, except VTILITY, are not search engine optimized (SEO). This means search engines like Google cannot access the virtual tours' content and as a result they are not capable of leading your target audiance to your virtual tours. This means that your content becomes inaccessible for target audiance who are looking for your virtual tours on internet.

If your virtual tours don’t have ability to get indexed by Google, all your content is basically hidden from the world as most people look for content on search engines. If your virtual tours' content is not properly submitted to search engines, people including your target audiance won't find your virtual tours and your virtual tour will be ineffective. Here is an examples:

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