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- Vtility Helps everyone to create virtual tours

Vtility is a seamless tool to create online virtual tours. Using vtility online virtual tour designer, you can create interactive walkthrough and 360 degree panoramic views for free. Vtility also gives you the ability to modify your virtual tours instantly via internet.

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Traditional virtual tours are usually fail to engage your target audiance. Here's why:

  • Almost all the non vtility virtual tour are Search Engine Optimized(SEO). This means search engines like Google cannot access virtual tour content and as a result they are not capable in leading you target audiance to your virtual tours. This means your content becomes inaccessible for your target audiance who search for your virtual tours on internet.

  • Traditional virtual tours need expensive photography gears such as special lenses and camera mounts. Consequntly the process becomes expensive and limits your ability to create a virtual tour for a reasonable cost. In contrast, creating a virtual tour by Vtility online designer software, only needs a compact camera and a mac or pc connected to internet. It is worthwhile to mention that having a tripod will help you take better photos and therefore better virtual tour.

  • Traditional Virtual tour software are not seamless and online. This means you can't change the virtual tour content easily. So any update should happen offline. Then you have to compile your virtual tour and upload it to your server to overwrite the old version. This all is unnecessary using Vtility. On Vtility, any changes you make on our virtual tour designer, will instantly take effect on your virtual tour.

  • Traditional virtual tours are heavily based on panoramic photos and 360 degree views. Taking a good panorama picture is not an easy task. Besides, panoramic pictures are usually confusing users and make them lost easily. We can go through an example to see the problem more clearly. Imagine you want to show a room with 3 important object in it using panorama. You have to cover the whole horizon from a point in room. You cannot customise the view or decide to show object from point you prefer, but you are limited to location and lighting of where you take the panorama. As a result you showing 3 objects not from best composition point. But from where panorama lets you. Also browsing the panorama with covering non important parts of horizon that are not clickable users may get lost or lose interest and leave before getting to 3 object details.
    Although vtility support interactive panoramic 360 degree photos, we don't recommend using it. Specially for people who haven't mastered Panoramic photography yet. Experience shows users are more engaged with virtual tours using scenes and plans rather than panoramas. Also taking photos for scenes are easier and you can decide for scenes point of view.

  • traditional virtual tours are not great on mobile devices. They usually using flash or other heavy plug ins that won't work on most mobile and tablets. They are also fixed sized and won't scale to display on small screens. But vtility virtual tours are all auto size by default. This means virtual tours created using vtility can detect small screens and re render itself to be usable in mobile devices. Vtility virtual tours are ideal for responsive design. Whenever the screen real estate assigned to virtual tour changes, virtual tour re render itself for correct display. Also vtility virtual tours customize based on whether the user is in touch based environment or not.

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