Free virtual tour software for use in wikipedia

If you know a lot about a place in your local area, with any significance, you can create a virtual tour for free to share your knowledge with all wikipedia users.

Without any doubt, no website contributed more than wikipedia to education on internet. wikipedia does all this for free and advertisement free.

Imagine by going to wikipedia page of a place, you could walk in and browse inside the building.

I discovered this after a group of students created a series of virtual tours from their visit from a temple in taiwan on vtility:

boan temple wiki page
student made virtual tour sample 1
student made virtual tour sample 2
student made virtual tour sample 3
student made virtual tour sample 4

Their virtual tours are not the best in presenting content. But when you consider these virtual tours created by students and they probably didn't have enough time to try more scenarios ,you realise the potential for more virtual tours like this for places in wikipedia. None of this virtual tours seems to take more than 2 hours to design. Perhaps with more time, they could gather all the good data in one virtual tour. Now imagine for any historic place we have many enthusiastic people who love to share their knowledge about a place with others. They didn't have ability to create virtual tour. But since vtility lowered the bar for creating and designing interactive virtual tours, now they can.

The virtual tours are simple way to give more detail about places. Also as the time pass, your virtual tours will be documenting the state of each place at the time of making the virtual tour.

As views about the place could differ, each place can have more than one virtual tour. And virtual tours have credit information attached to them as any external content. Also the content of virtual tour is subject to review by common wiki rules. so if a virtual tour contains false or unapproved content, reviewers can remove it.

Lots of historic places don't have any virtual tours. Since creating a virtual tour needed a lot of money and complicated photography gear. Also it need programing and working with complicated softwares .But the case is quite different with vtility virtual tour software. Since you don't need more than a compact camera ( and a tripod preferably) and you can do it for free. because sharing knowledge should not cost anything.

Amazing thing is how jimmy wales and folks in wikipedia worked hard to keep wikipedia advertisement free. To show how much we appreciate this great website we made sure that no advertisement will show up in virtual tour used in wikipedia.

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