Virtual Tour Software For Photographers

Virtual tours can be a big source of income for all photographers. But they aren’t. You know why? Because developing them is hard work and needs expensive softwares and gear. Photographers shouldn’t need to be an IT experts to be able to create virtual tours. But most softwares need you to be a true jack of all trades to finally be able to use them properly. Thats why a decent virtual tour is a rare and expensive thing.

Just imagine, as photographer you may have to upload and download content through ftp protocol if you need to change an small detail. Vtility aims to resolve this. Using vtility doesn’t need complicated softwares, its free, and let photographers to create their scenarios. Also virtual tours created using a service are seamless and online. this means any change in designer instantly take effect on virtual tours. So if there is a scene in your virtual tour that you want to change you only need to upload new picture to designer and your virtual tour get updated after selecting the file. This way you can change your virtual tour content through the web.

Vtility software lets you create virtual tours through the web and from any operating system. This way photographers can focus on taking better pictures and they don’t need to pay money to be able to create virtual tours. Better pictures and better navigation make your virtual tours something that any business or organization wants

Although vtility software service made creating virtual tour easy and affordable for everyone, (primary school students are using vtility for their schools) The fact is, a trained photographer who already worked with software can create way more professional looking virtual tours that are more useful and more likely to make money for photographer.

Where to start?

Photographers don’t need to find a customer to start. You can select a subject (places like museums, shops, galleries, properties, schools, colleges, offices etc). Then design a scenario and take photos and start creating a free virtual tour. This way you can learn how to create a better scenario for your potential customers and experience different approaches. Then your practice virtual tours can act as online portfolio.

Major advantages are

  • No IT knowledge needed. You can focus on better photos.

  • Not limited to any template or structure. You can create your scenario based on client needs.

  • Not limited to only panoramas. Sometimes a simple walkthrough using a couple of simple shots, is way more useable than 10 panoramas

  • Dont need to buy expensive desktop applications. Design unlimited virtual tours for free.

  • As soon as you hit the button ‘Create virtual tour’ you will have a already hosted virtual tour and you can add content using our online designer software.

  • Your photos are in cloud and you can access and update them from anywhere.

  • You can improve your virtual tour from time to time. add more data and reflect latest changes to actual place.

  • You don’t have to have a host space and upload changes through FTP.

  • Any changes to your virtual tour in online designer software instantly get applied to your virtual tour.

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