Virtual Tour for Supermarkets

Virtual Tour for Supermarkets

It can be a frustrationg experience for cutomers to find the items they need in a supermarket.
  • Do you want to set up a virtual tour for your custoemers that can show the aisle and the shelf the need to look at for a specific item?

  • Do you want to help the poeple with physical disability by showing them the disability accesses?

  • Do you want to conduct an easy induction for your new staff? Do you have casual staff? Is it difficult to assign your experineced staff to conduct inductions for new staff where they are needed to deal with customers?

  • Do you want to implement an interactive safety procedure in your supermarket?

  • What other things you can do by utilising the Vitility Virtual Tour Software in supermarket?

You can achieve all above by utilising Vtility Virtual Tour Software. Vtility can be used through your touch screen self service stations, or even on personal mobile phones to navigate people through your supermarket.

Remember, it's online, with no need to download any extra software! And best of all, the basic version is free! Do you have any questions? Then, just click on Contact Us

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