Virtual Tour for Educational Purposes

Vtility Virtual Tour for Educational Purposes

Education is one of Vtility’s missions. In this article you will learn about benefits of Vtility Virtual Tour for educational purposes. Interestingly teachers and students from all over the world have already been utilising Vtility Virtual Tour for educational purposes.

Vtility is being used all over the world by teachers and students.

Teachers have introduced projects for students in their art classes to experiment this software. In the other hand students have used the software in their school excursions. They have also made virtual tours in their trips to places of interest during their school holidays and shared them with their classes.

It is free and user-friendly.

The advantage of using this Vtility Virtual Tour is that it is free for individuals for educational purposes. In addition it is very user friendly and students could easily pick up all the tricks with the little experiment.

Students also have used the software to introduce their schools to others. some examples:

You can add videos to your virtual tours.

Another advantage of Vtility is that you can add videos to your Virtual Tour. So it can be used for induction purposes in school in general or induction for e.g. chemistry lab where safely procedure would need to be introduced to students. Imagine how cool that would be, if you actually could make an educational safety induction to your school lab as a project and utilise it on your school website for future students!

Art subjects become more interesting for students.

Most students are technology savvy these days. Recent research have shown that after experimenting Virtual Tour projects, students’ perspective towards Art subjects has change. This would be because Virtual Tour projects blend Art and technology in, and show students that Art is not for Art only, and that Art can be utilised in more practical means.

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