Virtual Tour for Department Stores

Vtility Virtual Tour for Department Stores

Have you ever personally got lost in a Department Store? Getting lost in a department store is really frustrating for customers

Vtility Virtual Tour is a fantastic software that can be used in department stores. Virtual Tours can be utilised to show the customers around. They will be able to ealily find their way in your Department Store to get from Location A to Location B.

If your customer had access to a Virtual Tour System, they would have been able to virtually walk-through the department store. They would have been able to check theit way out before actually being in the department store. This is going to work like Goole Map in smaller version. They can access Vtility Virtual Tour from the Touch Screen Information Stations, or even from their own mobiles.

Let's think about hypothetical senarios that your customers would have in their mind on a daily basis.

  • I wanna find my way to the STORE A without being lost in different levels and directions.
  • Where the Emergency Extis are?
  • I have a physical disability. I need know about wheelchair access entries and exits.
  • I need to know the lifts are.
  • I want to know about store history
  • I need to know where the Restroom are.
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