File upload issue in safari

Safari silverlight issue

For people who have issues uploading file from safari:

you will need to set Safari 7 to allow the Silverlight plug-in to run in unrestricted mode specifically on the website where you are getting this error.

Open Safari and go to the designer page

Click on the word "Safari" in the top left of the menu bar, next to the Apple icon

select Preferences

Select the Security tab

Beside Internet plug-ins, make sure there is a check mark next to "Allow Plug-ins"

Click on the "Manage Website Settings" button

Click on Silverlight in the list of available plug-ins on the left

On the right, select the site where you are having issues

To give Silverlight unrestricted access to computer resources when accessing that site, select "Run in Unsafe Mode"

Click Done.

Click the Trust button if you are prompted to do so.

Quit Safari.

The issue should be fixed, if everything went according to plan.

Please Contact Us if problem didnt resolve.

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