Html5 virtual tours key concerns

Selecting a virtual tour to be added to your website could be tough. If you select the wrong software you may end up with no real result. If your virtual tour cannot function with other aspects of modern web, nobody will use them. This is the result of recent revolution of mobile internet:

New Facts:

  • Virtual tours content should be addressable. Users should be able to jump through content

    every virtual tour has an start point. In old days virtual tours only had one address. But this is not the case anymore. If users are not able to go directly to an specific part of content from just a url they cannot share contents inside the virtual tour. In today's internet, a content that is not addressable is almost useless.
    Imagine you are browsing in a gallery virtual tour. If you see a painting inside and want to send it to a friend, you should be able to do that by just sending the url when you are at painting in virtual tour. In order to achieve this virtual tour url should change when user moves inside a virtual tour. This is fundamental when you think how important this could be for your social network users who need to be able to share content inside your virtual tour.

    Here are some examples:

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