How to Create A Museum Virtual Tour

- Vtility Helps anybody to create virtual tours from museums

Vtility will enhance the process of educating general public (especially students) about museums. A European study shows that interactive virtual tours of museums provide experimental educational platform and as a result changes student’s perspective of Art in a positive way.

Education is one of Vtility’s missions as well. Right now, from all over the world, individuals including students, teachers, and other people interested in art, history and culture have been accessing our service with NO CHARGE to conduct their own educational projects.

Creating a virtual tour will promote your museums and encourage people to visit and get more involved.

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- Accessibility and involvement

vtility will enhance general public’s access to your rich collections. Our service will provide access to anyone -regardless of their location- to your museums and to explore them through an ordinary computer.

This is in-line with our mission as well. We provided access to general public in sharing their knowledge and information with others. We have students even from Asia and Middle East who documented and shared their experience from school excursions visiting temples and tourist attractions.

This would hopefully improve equity by providing access to disadvantaged people who cannot afford to travel or people with disabilities. In the other hand, using our service is very easy. There is no need to install any software on computers. Everything is online. We provide independent URL links to our customers. They only need to add the provided URL link to their websites.

- Uniqueness of our service and technical advantages

  • Vtility is the first system of its kind to let anyone create interactive and seamless virtual tours, online and without using of complicated design tools.

  • Vtility virtual tours are compatible with all modern browsing tools like mobile phones, tablets, smart tvs and...

  • Vtility is the only virtual tour provider that is compatible with major search engines like google and bing. The contents of your virtual tour is discoverable in web.

  • Vtility is integrated with other online service providers like YouTube and soundcloud. The educational content can easily gathered and packaged using vtility.

a simple walkthrough: National Gallery of Australia

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